Research with the chapter of an academic work

Guidance in the form of footnotes and bibliography is usually provided by teachers who meet university standards. Submitting such recommendations obliges Writemypapers editors to include them in the construction of scientific texts.

Creating footnotes and bibliographic lists

When discussing the creation of footnotes and bibliographies, it is also worth pointing out the approach of Writemypapers to the period of publication of the books we use. Taking into account the relevant information provided in scientific research, we try to ensure that the publications that form the basis for writing texts are not older than 2005. Sometimes we get recommendations that books should not be older than 2010, which is also followed by the authors of Writemypapers. Of course, when it is necessary to obtain statistics, we refer only to information from the last few years, if we do not want to also compare it with the old periods to show the subsequent changes in certain trends. On the other hand, in the scientific world, some readings are considered classic for the development of this field of knowledge, while their authors are perceived as the parents of specific areas. In the opinion of the authors of Writemypapers, referring to primary sources, we point to the knowledge of the basics of specific scientific fields. Looking at the books that are currently being published, you can see that their authors often cite books based on which ideas and concepts were developed. Thus, referring only to publications that have appeared on the market in recent years, we have doomed ourselves to a secondary citation that does not add value to the written text. Very important:

  • Be aware of the existence of this type of dependence;
  • Purposefully and thoughtfully use selected literature.

Writing theoretical and scientific research by Writemypapers

The scope of reviews services includes not only writing theoretical but also scientific research. Regardless of the type of scientific text, however, before starting work, you should always formulate a research methodology, including the following stages of the scientific procedure. Thus, in the introduction to the text or a separate methodological section we define the subject and purpose of the work, formulate research problems and hypotheses and define a research method that in simple words means a specific, repetitive way to solve a certain type of scientific problem.

When introducing theoretical texts and thus explaining, for example, the genesis, essence, scale, or directions of development of a scientific phenomenon, we usually rely on the monographic method. It consists of a diverse description and detailed analysis of this research problem using qualitative and quantitative information contained in the available bibliographic materials. Concerning social research, the monograph is understood not only as a method aimed at describing the institution but also as a description of the whole phenomena and processes associated with it and characterized by thematic, territorial, or institutional coherence.

When researching with a chapter, the methodology additionally describes the methods and tools of research, frequently studied variables and indicators, as well as presents the organization of the research course and research group. Among the most commonly used research methods is a diagnostic examination. In this regard, we often use the technique of interviews and interviews, pre-compiling the appropriate questionnaires. In the process of writing a thesis, we present the collected data, analyze the results and test the hypotheses of the study. However, they are familiar with other research methods, such as observational and experimental methods, document research, individual cases, or heuristic methods. All you need to do is consult with your research needs, and the authors of the company will advise you on choosing the right academic research tools.