All your coffees, explained!

Your go-to most popular coffees are listed here (you can even try them out at our Barista station, too…)

A double shot in a demitasse cup!

The most concentrated of all the coffees. Place the demitasse cup under the group head and extract a shot, restricting the pour, stop the extraction at about 2/3 of the shot.

Fill the cup half full with hot water, then extract a double shot over the hot water.

In a larger cup, extract a double shot over hot water. The crema should form over the coffee. You can serve this with a small jug of water.

Use a demitasse cup and extract a double shot of espresso. Add a small amount of milk to the espresso by spoon.

Extra a double shot in to a cappuccino cup, and then ease flat steamed milk into the centre of the coffee, holding the froth back with a spoon. This is the most popular coffee choice in the UK, so get practising!

Extract a double shot of espresso and pour a thicker textured milk to flow in to the espresso.

Use a double shot of espresso! Spoon in heavily textured top milk into the cup, then pour lightly textured milk through the centre. You can give it a dusting of chocolate or cinnamon powder, too (at the customer’s request, of course!).

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