Tech and The Hospitality Industry – what’s next?

It’s no secret that times are changing. The tech world never sleeps, and neither does the Hospitality Industry. From social media to self-service, the Hospitality Industry is being revolutionized by technology day by day right before our eyes.

Nowadays, we’d think nothing of having a card to get into our hotel room, checking out the menu on a restaurant’s app, or plugging in the WiFi code at our local bar – but what’s happening behind the scenes, and what can we expect in the near future from tech in the Hospitality Industry?



This is the big one. Have you used your Apple Pay to pay for the underground, or shared a file using Bluetooth? Near field communication, or NFC, is the upcoming technology that allows us to share data from our device.

It’s perfect for self check ins, and getting into your hotel room using an app, rather than a key, loading on loyalty point from your favourite restaurant, and paying for your meal using Apply Pay.


Robots – yes, really

Last year, robotic concierges were trialed at some of the biggest Hotels worldwide. Hilton teamed up with IBM to pilot Connie (the Concierge – of course) in a bid to use cognitive tech to interact with guests, take orders, deliver room service requests, and overall improve relationships with guests.

Robots aren’t just the stereotypical humanized bodies either, they include the machinery that have been preparing our meals, taking orders and even delivering food for years, and our reliance on this cognitive technology with double by 2019, reports suggest.

We’re a little way of living, breathing robots, but the machinery that uses cognitive power is all around us, and hugely integrated into the hospitality industry.

Self-service is king

We’re getting lazier, and businesses are too. You’re checking in and out by yourself, without any service, and you’re probably ordering and paying for your meal online, and bringing it back to your table. It’s becoming so common now, we don’t even think about it. In fact, it’s weird when they put the sugar in your Flat White, isn’t it?

It’s saving hospitality businesses millions a year, and all began with the Golden M’s paving the way for this self-service phenomenon.


And it’s not just personalised emails. It’s adverts for your favourite restaurant appearing on your Google homepage, then on your Instagram feed, and then perhaps a voucher appearing through your letterbox. Data means every message we get from businesses has been thought through, and carefully personalised to us. Nothing happens by coincidence anymore, and all your favourite brands know exactly what you want… and maybe, even before you know you want it.


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