Quick Intro: I have joined the Evolve Team for my placement year from University in Belfast, I am originally from Tyrone in Northern Ireland. I started working in a restaurant in my home town and have not left the hospitality industry since, I don’t imagine myself doing so any time soon; so with this in mind, I decided to study International Hospitality Management as my chosen degree. I was unsure which sector of the industry I wanted to pursue for my placement year, after Rory and Alessandra visited our University to tell us about Evolve, I knew instantly this was the one for me. Thankfully I was successful and here I am currently living in London, my first time living out of Northern Ireland.

Favourite Food: My favourite food has to be anything with strawberries in it.
Favourite Drink: I cannot start the day right without a cup of tea, and wouldn’t say no to a glass of wine to finish the day.
Favourite Movie: This has to be The Greatest Showman.
Phobia: My biggest Phobia is Spiders, I CAN’T deal with spiders.
Random Fact: A random fact about me is that despite being Irish, I hate potatoes, my mum would be disgusted if she was to know I was telling people that.