BOH Divisional Manager – South 

A Quick Intro: How am I still in Recruitment at 40 years of age!? Not even the fact that I graduated in Sports Science has made me move to another career.

Having spent 10 years with Blue Arrow – 5 very successful years as a consultant a 5 more managing teams in Guildford and Croydon, I decided to move to London and soak up some Media recruitment – Combining work and socialising (which is basically what media types did)  unsurprisingly to most, created a very successful combination for me!

Life was taking a turn for the better and dare I say I grew up a little, and I became pregnant with my first baby, the combination of socialising and work was never to be the same – so when I bumped into Ed Vokes, (whilst in Labour on Reigate High Street!) we agreed to get back in touch in 9 months time. And that’s exactly what happened. So here I am, Evolve Redhill, Temps Divisional Manger. 20 mins from home ( I couldn’t ask for a better commute)  and generally loving the challenge of developing and growing the temps division.

Favourite Food: Pigs cheek, Charbroiled Oysters
Favourite Drink: Grey Goose /  Prosecco
Favourite Film:  Anchor man / Jungle Book / Pretty in Pink
Interesting Fact: I once had a coconut fall on my face in South Africa whilst sunbathing and fainted on a treadmill (which didn’t stop) all in the space of one month
Phobia: Cling film!