Sales Manager

A Quick Intro: I joined Evolve after working for over 15 years in operations. I was born in Kilburn and moved to Tyrone in Northern Ireland when I was 15. I then started working in a hotel and haven’t left the industry since. I did my university placement year in Claridge’s which cemented my love for hotels and service. I then returned to Northern Ireland and began working in the Botanic Inn which was Belfast’s busiest student bar for 5 years.

London then called again so I moved back and started to work in the Westbury Mayfair where I managed the Private Dining Operations Team for 5 years. After this, I was promoted to Operations Manager where I worked in Kingsway Hall, Kensington Close and the Kensington Hotels.

Favourite Food: If I’m cooking, then a pizza. If it’s someone more skilled then I love French food
Favourite Drink: A few pints of Guinness finished off with a Laphroaig, I’m also partial to glass of red wine
Favourite Movie: There is only one film ever made and that’s the Big Lebowski
Phobia: Arsenal finishing below Spurs
Random Fact:  Tom Jones nearly came to my wedding as his helicopter landed at the hotel during our main course. We invited him to join us but it was too unusual for him I guess!