Divisional Manager

A Quick Intro: I joined Evolve in late August 2015 after working as a Chef for ten years. I started my cooking career working at The Royal Automobile Club in leafy Surrey. From there I worked my way up the ladder cooking at the Lawn Tennis Academy and De Vere Venues at various sites including their bar and bistro called Brigade in London Bridge. I left the restaurant and hotel world to go into contract working for Compass and Bartlett Mitchell.

Even though I enjoyed every minute of working in the kitchen, I decided to leave the pots and pans behind, and enter the recruitment industry. For me it has been a natural progression using my knowledge and contacts to quickly learn and understand the needs of my clients and the people we recruit.

Favourite Food: Prawns
Favourite Drink: Large gin and tonic please!
Favourite Movie: The Godfather Part 2
Interesting Fact: I trained as a Butcher for two years before I became a Chef.
Phobia: Getting lost at sea. Have you seen Jaws?!