A Quick Intro: I am an all-round chef but specialise in pastry. I have worked in everything from restaurants to catering and manufacturing in the UK and internationally with a stint in Melbourne, Australia. I first trained at Central St Martins in Fashion/Textile design and whilst it was an interesting experience, I realised when I designed my final project based on baking cakes and the colours and shapes I could manipulate them into perhaps my future shouldn’t be in fashion after all. I then decided to enrol at Le Cordon Bleu London with the view that at the very least it would be a great year of learning/having fun and being taught by excellent chefs. Within the first week I very quickly realised the kitchen and the food industry on the whole was without a doubt where I belong and I haven’t looked back since!

Favourite Restaurant: The Black Swan at Oldstead, Yorkshire.

Favourite Food: My fathers slow cooked shoulder of pork with a fennel and salt rub.
Favourite Drink:  Amaretto Sour
Favourite Movie:  Goldfinger/Something’s Gotta Give
Phobia: Heights/Spiders

Fun fact… I was on Masterchef the Professionals 2017…