BOH Operations Manager

A Quick Intro: I joined Evolve in April 2013 following a successful 13-year career as a Careers Guidance Practitioner. Prior to this, I had a five-year career in fine dining restaurants in the exclusive ski resort of Zermatt, Switzerland, as well as a number of restaurants in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Favourite Food: My mum’s roast beef and Yorkshire puddings (she swears the secret to great Yorkshires is an extra egg)
Favourite Drink: A finely mixed Mojito
Favourite Movie: Grease – it is the word and I can quote most of it!
Interesting Fact: I was once ranked 40th fastest woman in Great Britain – 100m in 12.5 seconds in 1995
Phobia: Mice, rats and anything rodent like – that includes squirrels as they are just rats in cuter outfits!