Managing Director

A Quick Intro: So how did I come around to setting up Evolve in September 2011…?

After graduating from University in 2000, like many people I moved back to London and ended up spending the next two years working behind various bars having a good time before finally falling into recruitment running the Catering Desk in my home town of Welwyn Garden City. From there I moved to Wembley in my first Management role and finally in 2006 I moved back to the smoke and bright lights of London to eventually become Operations Manager for The City.

Evolve really is my vision of how I think a true Catering Agency should look. Everyone working for Evolve has a connection to the industry – a group of specialists with knowledge of their own individual market.

The move from the industry to local suppliers formed my belief that Evolve needed to mirror this within our markets. Also, I strongly believe in the ability for all locations to be able to trade test and skills test, as well as offer free training to candidates to add value to our service. These are the key values of Evolve and what we are all about.

Favourite Food: Paella
Favourite Drink: Carlton Draught
Favourite Movie:  Twins
Interesting Fact: I have scored goals in full games at Highbury and The Emirates and I have never been beaten at Monopoly
Phobia: Other people’s blood – I have no issue with my own!!


Ed was the winner of the Recruiter’s Most Inspiring Recruitment Agency Leader this year!


Ed was the winner of the IRP Business Leader of the Year 2017!