Business Manager – Hotels & Restaurants Temporary Division

A Quick Intro: Originally from South Africa, I have a varied background that includes plenty of FOH roles, food writing and Chef-ing. After completing a bachelor’s degree in English I combined my passion for all things culinary with the written word by working as a journalist at one of South Africa’s top food publications. My travels then took me to Australia where I fell in love with the fast-paced antics of the kitchen and spent a couple of years honing my practical skills at several Antipodean restaurants. I’ve since settled in London and worked as a Chef at various restaurants in South West London before joining the Evolve team.

Favourite Food: A plate of jamon and manchego
Favourite Drink: Red wine
Favourite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Interesting Fact: I’ve cooked for Kelly Slater and Jack Johnson who were dining together, as well as served dinner to half the Wallabies rugby team, mere days after they’d defeated South Africa on the pitch, which wasn’t lekker!
Phobia: Snakes