The most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas

The most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas

luxurious casinos in Las Vegas

Large luxury casino resorts are found in abundance in Las Vegas. They are synonymous with money and opulence. Some luxury casinos are so over the top that you almost can't believe what you're seeing. Apart from their casino games, the hotels and other facilities are very luxurious. Below, you can discover the 5 most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas.

The Bellagio

Located on the strip, The Bellagio is a renowned casino resort that offers an impressive view of the Las Vegas skyline. Completed in 1998, no expense was spared. Construction costs ran to $1.6 billion, and you can immediately see what the money was spent on when you enter the building. The centerpiece of the resort is a casino space that is over 115,000 square feet, but The Bellagio goes far beyond offering Bollywood online casino games. The resort offers highly luxurious hotel rooms and suites and numerous excellent restaurants.

In all, there are nearly 4,000 hotel rooms served by some of the best restaurants in the world. Le Cirque and the Picasso are starred restaurants led by award-winning chefs. The fountains at The Bellagio are perhaps the icing on the cake. The water art installation at the front of the resort is a great spectacle thanks to the light display and music.

The Venetian

In May 1999, The Venetian opened, a casino resort on which a whopping $1.7 billion was spent. It remains one of the most spectacular examples of casino extravagance. The Venetian has become famous for its recreation of the canals and architecture of Venice. You'll see covered canals, gondolas and the Piazza San Marco.

More than 120,000 square feet was provided for the casino. Casino visitors can enjoy hundreds of slot machines and several gaming tables with croupiers here in style. In addition, The Venetian offers more than 4,000 hotel rooms and suites and a huge spa, the Canyon Ranch SpaClub, with a huge range of treatments.


The Wynn in Las Vegas is the only casino on the strip with its own private golf course. The casino gaming floor is 110,000 square feet. So visitors can play golf in peace and then have fun in the big casino. Staying overnight is also possible, of course. The Wynn has some 2,700 hotel suites. Guests can also find several stores in the building, a convention center and numerous first-class bars and restaurants. There is even a Ferrari and Maserati dealership on the premises, in case you want to buy a new supercar with your winnings. Furthermore, The Wynn offers beautiful courtyard gardens, many attractions and several luxurious swimming pools. You really will find everything you can imagine.


When the Wynn Las Vegas resort decided to expand its capacity, Encore was the result. Encore opened in 2008 and added another 2,034 rooms and suites to the Wynn resort, in addition to an additional 74,000 square feet of casino space. The cost ran to a whopping $2.3 billion, but the results are quite impressive.

In addition to the amazing casino space, Encore offers three nightclubs, a special theater, several bars and five of the best restaurants in the world. For those who like to relax outdoors, there is even a poolside gambling suite at the Encore Beach Club. Here you can place a bet while enjoying the sunshine. However, a strict dress code is in effect. Guests must impress with their stylish outfits. So you won't see many guests here in old Speedos.

Encore offers three nightclubs


The CityCenter Las Vegas is the most expensive casino resort. The construction works cost a whopping $8.5 billion. The casino section takes up 150,000 square feet of space. There are hundreds of different gaming tables and thousands of slot machines. Inside the building are 5,900 hotel rooms divided into three separate hotels.

The property also houses 2,500 permantent residences. This gigantic casino resort combines gambling in luxury with the best restaurants, stores and attractions. It employs 12,000 workers to keep everything running smoothly. CityCenter also has two spas and health clubs. Instead of a casino or resort, this is more like a city district.

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