The perfect CV

It’s super easy to write a WOW CV! We’ve put together some tips from the experts to guarantee you that interview.

Your role

Your CV should be tailored to the role you are applying to. If you’re applying to a waitressing position, list your skills and experience that are relevant to waitressing, like clearing plates, serving food and drink, and taking orders!

Short and snappy!

It’s easy to get carried away if you have a lot of experience behind you (which is great!). However, try to make sure that your CV is straight to the point. Give us examples of what skills you’re learnt, or what you’ve achieved, instead of just listing tasks you’ve done.

Why be vanilla?

Why just ‘fit in’ when you can make your CV stand out? If you’re short of experience, you may want to include some extra curricular activities or hobbies you have.