Game, set, match!

It’s time for the oldest tennis tournament in the world to take place…
But it’s not all about just sets and matches, take a look at this mind-blowing facts about the other things that make Wimbledon what it is today.

Bananas consumed
And that’s just by the players! In fact, they had 4,235 portions of pasta between them too. Greedy guts!

Glasses of Pimm’s served by staff
Now… we’re not sure how many were consumed by Evolvers. But I’m sure we certainly helped.

3 days
The length of the longest match ever played. It was between Isner and Mahut in 2010, with actual game play amounting to over 11 hours!

The time at which fresh strawberries are picking from fields in Kent, packed, and transported to Wimbledon ready to be served at £2.50 (with cream, of course!).

40 miles
The length of string it takes to string the 2,000 rackets a tournament.

Number of staff it takes to make Wimbledon happen! This includes everything from Ball boys to podiatrists! (And remember, some amazing Evolve staff too!).

The perfect height of grass (apparently – according to the experts), that all matches should be played on. And it has to be 100% rye grass too!

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