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Five drinks you HAVE to try this summer!

Summer’s here! And, so is the excuse to dabble in a few new cocktail recipes for that BBQ at the weekend. We’ve decided on a few favourites that we think you have to try!

1. Pimm’s Slush
We’ve taken a staple classic and changed it a little. After you’ve added your Pimm’s a fruit into a glass, take two large scoops of a sorbet of your choice (we love Lemon or Orange), and top up with lemonade. It’s super easy, and perfect for those extra hot sunny days when you need something cool. A sprig of mint will help, too!
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2. Apple Prosecco
Yep, you read that right. We didn’t think we could love bubbles anymore, until we tried this. Add a shot of apple juice and a shot of vodka into a glass, and add your prosecco and apple slices after. If you’re not a fan of Apples, you can skip them for lemon or grapefruit, or go easy on the prosecco if you’d prefer a punch!
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3. Homemade Blackcurrant
It’s easy to use cordial, but making your own is so much tastier! Measure around 400g of caster sugar in a saucepan, and add 400ml of water. Let it simmer, and then add 600g of blackcurrants (the fresher, the better!). Don’t be afraid to add other fruits too – we love throwing some cranberries or raspberries in! Once you have put the mixture through a sieve, you will need to chill this for around 3-6 weeks. When it’s chilled, use it just like cordial by diluting around 25ml of the cordial with 100ml of still (or sparkling) water!

4. Iced T!
Make a strong tea with around six tea bags and 1.5 litres of water, and add a little sugar. Add mint, and let that infuse for around 20 minutes. Strain the mixture, let it cool, and then add orange, ice and any other fruity goodness before serving! We like to serve ours with a lot of ice, in a tall glass.

4. Elderflower Gin
Add (freshly picked – if you can) elderflower heads into a large jug, and add lemon peel, a little caster sugar, and half a bottle of gin. Cover the jug, and let this infuse for around 24 hours. You can always add a little syrup, too, if you have a sweet tooth! Serve it with ice-cold tonic and a slice of lemon.

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