BOH Recruitment Consultant

Back of House Recruitment Consultant

A Quick Intro: I’ve always been very passionate about food, but decided to follow an art career for most of my 20s. This turned out to be a whirlwind, living between Oslo, Cape Town, Oxford and London, and involved working in the film industry while trying to sustain this new success. I needed change after 6 years, and it came in the way of my biggest passion – food!

I decided to study patisserie at Silwood School of Cookery in Cape Town and came over to London in the beginning of 2014 to pursue my passion for baking. I worked all over London in amazing restaurants and bakeries, but after 3 years I had burnt out and thought taking on some temp work would give me time to plan my next move. I fell in love with the flexibility of agency work and was inspired by the professionalism and energy of Evolve, so when I was offered a job with them to recruit fellow chefs, I jumped at the chance!

Favourite Food: Tapas and meze
Favourite Drink: Negroni
Favourite Movie: Anything done by Wes Anderson
Interesting Fact: I had quite a successful acting and modelling career when I was younger
Phobia: Speaking in front of big groups of people