FOH Recruitment Consultant

A Quick Intro: I come from Budapest, Hungary, however I moved to Ireland when I was 18 to study hospitality in Shannon College of Hotel Management. I did my first placement year in The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg which made me further develop my passion and love for the hotel industry, especially for food and beverages. During my term in Shannon, I also got the opportunity to work for the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach where I learnt more from the managerial aspects of the business.

Having graduated from Shannon College with a First Class Honours Degree, I was selected to join the Management Graduate Program in Food and Beverages at The Dorchester in London, where I soon got promoted into a permanent role as supervisor in The CUT restaurant by Wolfgang Puck.

However, I was always very driven to learn more about human resources and recruitment and that is when Rory came along. He rang me on a cloudy afternoon while I was on the bus going home from work and then that was it. Here I am, hot out of the operations and enjoying the challenges and development that Evolve has for me!

Favourite Food: There is nothing better than my mother’s oxtail bouillon
Favourite Drink: I only drink water (during the day) and bubbles (during the night)
Favourite Movie: Pretty Woman
Interesting Fact: By the age of 23 I have studied, lived and worked in six different countries and explored 25 countries
Phobia: Everything that has more than four legs, or no legs at all